Zori Hristova, Bulgaria

My name is Zornitsa Hristova Stoyanova and I’m 32 years old. I was born in the town of Vidin along Danube. I live in Sofia for the last 13 years. 9 years ago I graduated as a makeup artist and since then I work as such for magazines, TV, commercials, music videos, various studios, and I have many private clients. In my free time I love to paint – mainly with oil paint. I adore colors and love to use them – in my work and hobby. Like most women, I also love fashion (clothes, shoes, accessories). I prefer shopping in stores, because I want to get in touch with my clothes and always try a product before I buy it.


I’ve always been inspired by the fashion of the 17th century – long dresses with tight corsets, style expressing grace and femininity – majestic !!! Overall in my wardrobe I have different clothes (I gathered the best of all styles). I choose my outfit according to the places I go and people I meet.

My favorite accessories are bags, scarves and eye-glasses, I like jewelry but I rarely wear them. I don’t experiment with my hair, I wear it straight and I wear it down.  Once a week I treat it with a refreshing mask and I use crystals to keep it shinny and nourished.


For makeup I’ll say that it is a modern necessity and every woman should use it. Nowadays there is enough natural cosmetics on the market that doesn’t harm but protects the skin from most external factors.

Before I leave home I put a light foundation, a corrector under the eyes and I use blush, these are my three products for a sunny and natural look.


I love to refresh and hydrate my skin once every 4 or 5 days with this magic homemade mask (honey, banana and coconut oil).

And last but not least, I am a woman who loves to experiment in the kitchen, this is where I forget about everything and just enjoy cooking. My favorite thing is to try foods I’ve never eaten before. I like different cuisines and I prefer spicy ones – maybe Indian or Mexican food.


If I had more free time I would travel a lot more. I love wild, hidden destinations, I don’t like urban tourism unless if it’s a city like Rome. In fact, I love Italy and their La Dolce Vita.


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