Vladislava Lupo

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My name is Vladislava Todorova – Valkova, but lately I use the nickname Lupo as a family name. It’s easier for my partners and friends abroad.  Comes from Wolf…in Italian – Lupo. I’m 38 and right now is one of the happiest most conscious periods of my life.

I live in Sofia. Basically I’m a musician but after quitting my musical career and countless tours all over the world, I started looking for new challenges to signify myself in the world of art! Interior design and fashion are my profound affinity since forever….So I’m designer or else said – a woman who loves to create!


I was working on many interior design projects with my husband, but in the meantime started the journey of the creation of PLIK – brand for luxury leather goods. We create handmade luxury leather bags, belts, jewellery and accessories. I do everything in my work with great passion and I am lucky to be doing what I love the most…


My other great love is travelling around the globe – I use every free second enjoying it. I will never get tired of discovering different cultures, colors and smells in the world.

I’m a Gemini and that’s enough to know that I am a very different woman every single day. My personal style can pass the whole range from femme fatale to rebel girl with boyfriend jeans, white sneakers and rock’n’ roll t-shirt. It all depends on the mood of the day….

Otherwise, I’m not a slave to trends, decades or fast fashion. I know what suits me and the comfort of quality fabrics over the years is becoming more and more important.


I love elegant eclectic style and love to combine accessories, clothes, hats and coats in my own artistic way. Recently, I rediscovered the power of the hat …. and shoes, ahhh shoes remain my greatest sin and uncontrollable love.


I’m crazy about shoes.

Recently I wear bracelets, cuffs, necklaces and belts from our collections and I believe they are really empowering. Having a PLIK is an expression of your own personality, style and emotion, transforming a simple outfit into an exquisite and unique look.


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