Hi fellow ladies,

I started this blog because I wanted to bring women from around the world together to talk about themselves through fashion, their careers and their personal lives.

We have so many different experiences from one another but we are all very much the same at our core: awesome.

akademia za stilisti

I would love to invite you to share your personal style in my blog. As an image consultant, wife and mom I would more than love to share different styles of different ladies living in different countries. Women nowadays are more beautiful and powerful than ever before, so why don’t we share some experience. Please send me 3-5 pictures, which represent you going out to dinner, party, work, sport activity, wedding, leisure etc. And then, please find the time to answer the following questions in more than one sentence. Send it to rumyanavelichkova@gmail.com and I will upload it immediately. You can check my FBpage.

Thank you to all women around the world for sharing!

Celebrate yourselves!



  1. Tell me a little about yourself:
  • What is your full name and your age (if you don’t mind)?
  • Where are you from originally?
  • Where do you live now?
  • What is your profession?
  • What do you do in your time off?
  1. What inspires your personal style?
  • Are your personal fashion choices driven by trends and if so what are they and where do you find them (online? stores? outside?)
  • Are you inspired by any particular fashion decade?
  • What is your favorite part of assembling an outfit?
  • How do you accessorize?
  1. What do you do with your hair?
  • How do you treat it? Shampoos, masks, any other products?(hidden secrets for shininess)
  • How do you like to wear it?
  1. How do you feel about make up?
  • What can’t you live without?
  • How often do you put make up on?
  • How do you take care of your skin?
  1. What do you do to treat yourself?
  • Spa? Mani-Pedi? Coffee shop? Hike? Shopping? Ice cream? Chocolate? Diamonds (just kidding)? etc.
  1. What do you absolutely love about you?



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If you are the original owner and wish to have your photo removed, please get in touch.